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2 min readJul 12, 2020

We live in an era in which business organizations, government infrastructures, and individuals depend on the internet to share and store information more than ever and keeping these information safe from the hand of the hackers is very crucial.So here i will give you some details on why to become a cyber security professional.

And more than ever cyber attacks are increasing constantly,in the past 5 years alone more than 9 billion data records that were lost or stolen due to cyber attacks.Due to which the need for cyber security experts who can prevent these are on high demand leading to 1.8 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2022.

So choosing a career in cyber security is really promising as the number of cyber security experts are scarce compared to the demand.This means there is a huge gradient between the need and availability of cyber professionals.And cyber security is an evolving professional field in which skilled professionals are necessary to keep the cyber space secure.Due to this there is a rise of 90–100% rise in job vacancy in some countries which is just crazy compared to the demand of other professions.Compared to other professions there are a lot of skills an individual can be specialized in.And cyber security professionals are not just in demand in the IT field,every field needs a security professional to ensure that their data is safe from outside threat just like a real life security guard.Banking, hospitality, government, corporate, education you name it a person who knows how to ensure cyber security is important to keep their data safe.

And like we discussed earlier unlike most professions cyber security is branched into various fields like ethical hacking, digital forensics, penetration testing, information security and even social engineering.And here is a cool fact,since the demand is high compared to available professionals the unemployment level in this field is absolute zero,find a fun profession that promises the same as well as job satisfaction.And like how we are taught in the economics books “If the demand is more than the supply,the price of the product increases”.In this case the price is income and the product is security professionals.

And to conclude if you are someone who is enthusiastic and have curious mind who love to deal with challenges and keep learning new things,you better not look not another profession since this is the one for you.

In case you wondering how you can begin your career in cyber security RedTeam is more than happy to help you in your journey as to becoming a cyber security professional.

And certifying you as a cyber security professional or ethical hacker and giving you the best training and exposure to the challenges in the cyber-space.

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