The rise of Modest Fashion [Complete Guide]

The uncontrollable rise of Modest Fashion

Sahal S
4 min readMay 22, 2021
The rise of modest fashion

With Pinterest having a 500% hike for the keyword “Modest fashion”, it’s growing fast and is set to grow like wildfire given the popularity among social media influencers and mainstream Fashion brands contributing with their own line-ups of Modest Fashion collections.

As of 2020, the Modest Fashion industry is worth billions and is set to rise and shoot above 250 Billion dollars and boom in popularity.

With that said, unlike a couple of years ago, modest fashion has made it to most shelves and stores across the world!

Let’s go back in time to 2010, when a woman who is conscious about modesty had to choose in a collection of boring or less appealing collections, and someone who was conscious about fashion had no option but to go with what was in store, but that landscape has changed a lot now!

What is Modest Fashion?

Unlike the popular stereotype that fashion is all about what accentuates the body figure, modest fashion takes a complete 180 degree turn on this!

Modest fashion is all about bringing trends that conceals the bodily figure and focuses on trends that’s religiously acceptable at the same time brings the latest fashion trends to the table.

Modest Fashion clothes range from anything from burkas, trousers, and jackets with a hint of modest style to it. And it was the only option that fashion loving Religious women were left with due to religious and cultural reasons. And as we can see, it’s as sassy as any other fashion trend!

The Revolution

It all started here, the need for fashion that’s culturally appealing and also from a religious perspective. And when it came to women who are conscious about the cultural and religious norms, they were left in the dust given the latest trends were never in their favor.

This is how the modest fashion Revolution was born, the demand for a fashion that fills this space, a growing number of Religious and ethnic fashion focused designers and influencers came onboard to shift the fashion landscape. They designed and promoted a trend that was all in on the Modest Fashion idea, a fashion that concealed the body parts yet looked trendy. In a very short time even the mainstream fashion brand hopped on board with their own Modest fashion collections by bringing fashion that meets the modesty needs of emerging youth women who like the modern trends in fashion, at the same time are aware of the religious and ethnic concerns of the society.

And if we look at 2020, the movement really did it’s magic, in 2014, brands like DNKY their own modest dresses to the shelves which were marked as the Ramadan Collection, and by 2015 H&M its first hijab-wearing model, Mariah Idrissi which was a big thing!

Thanks to all the efforts put in by small and big social media influencers and Muslim Designers who really wanted to make a difference and show, fashion is not all about exposing or showing the curves of the body.

How much is the modest Fashion Industry worth?

As of 2021, modest fashion is valued well around 250B dollars, and is set to rise given the ever increasing popularity and adoption of this emerging trend even by small scale design houses and the big players.

Why all the fuss about Modest Fashion?

Unlike most fashion trends, that come in a season and stay for a while, Modest fashion isn’t that, not by a long shot! Ever since the start, Modest fashion wasn’t one of those seasonal trends, it is one that is hard coded that it is here to stay and also make a significant impact on Fashion as an industry.

With Major brands bringing their own Ramadan and Eid fashion trends and catwalks and fashion weeks in Cities like London and Malaysia reserved just for Modest fashion, the whole industry is talking about it! And will soon be a mainstream trend you would see in the front pages of most Mainstream fashion Websites and stores. And dedicated stores for Modest Fashion are also growing in popularity like wildfire.

Looking at Social Media, we can see that Influencers and fashion bloggers talking about Modest Fashion are on a hike too with some having over 5 Million followers on their respective Social media platforms.

Fashion blogger such as Anah from India was really able to shape the modest Fashion trend in India and there are even more Influencers who were able to do the same from different parts of the world.

A quick Internet search would show you an infinite number of Influencers who really helped us melt this ice in the Fashion industry!

And if we look at the Fashion Industry side of things, Many rising and established Muslim Fashion designers and Models/

Will the Modest Fashion Revolution ever stop?

Economic gain is a big part of why brands finally recognized the modest fashion audience. According to the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report 2019–2020, Muslim spending on apparel and footwear in 2018 was an estimated $283 billion. It’s a whopping number and one that continues to grow, giving companies an even bigger incentive to cater to the modest-fashion audience they had ignored for so long.

Where to buy modest fashion in India?

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